CCD Program

Apostolate Contact: Melanie Graves



When: Sunday from 10:00-11:15 a.m.
Where: St. Mary School, 400 Green Street, Alexandria, VA


Please be sure to only register once.  If you have questions about the status of your registration, please send an email to Melanie Graves.

Please note that the early-bird special of a $25 discount ends after July 1st.

Our Commitment To You

At St. Mary’s we aim to complement and supplement your responsibility as Christian parents to teach and raise your children in the faith. As parents, you are the primary educators of your children. Nevertheless, we desire to provide support and encouragement as you seek to fulfill this responsibility. One ways we do that is with our Catechism or CCD sessions.

Parent Resources and Prayer Requests

Check out our Faith Facts Page to learn more about the Catholic Faith and submit questions.  We also have a number of Catholic Resources and our RCIA Videos about the Catholic Faith.

Please feel most welcome to submit a prayer request and also remember to pray for those in need.

The Objective of Catechism

We prefer to use the terminology Catechism in lieu of CCD. While CCD is the more traditional or commonly used term, the concept of catechesis communicates more accurately our objective. The purpose of our sessions has one clear objective: To know and love Jesus in a personal way.

We are not communicating and teaching mere information or establishing a competing religious school or subject matter apart from other areas of one’s life. We are transforming lives by coming into contact with Jesus and learning more about Jesus so that it informs and guides everything else we do, accomplish and learn in life. What else is more important in life than our relationship with God?

Preparation for Sacraments

In 2nd and 8th grades we also offer supplemental sacramental preparation to assist parents preparing their children for First Penance and Communion and Confirmation.

If you have a child who has not been baptized, is older than 2nd grade and has not received his or her first Holy Communion, or is older than 8th grade and has not been confirmed, please contact Father Barnes via email or using the sidebar to begin to make the aInstallation Mass 6ppropriate arrangements.

Become a Catechist and How to Volunteer

We have dedicated and enthusiastic parent volunteers who provide catechetical, logistical, promotional and other types of support. The more volunteer participation we have, the stronger our program will be. Our goal is to offer a high level of catechesis, and this can only be accomplished with your help.  Please contact Father Barnes to explore how you can help.

Inclement Weather Policy

For questions regarding cancellation of activities due to weather, please see our Inclement Weather Policy.