“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…and you will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)


A person is fully initiated into the Catholic Church by the reception of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion. Just as Baptism marks new life or birth in the faith, Confirmation marks growth or perfection in the faith.  In Baptism, the graces conferred are focused inward. In Confirmation, the Catholic receives a special grace whereby faith is deepened and strengthened so that it now can be shared with others.

  •  In Confirmation, we are strengthened to be Jesus’ disciples or witnesses. There are three responsibilities of confirmed Catholics:
    •  To defend the Faith
    • To witness to the Faith
    • To live more firmly the baptismal promises
  •  We receive the Sacrament of Confirmation by an anointing on our forehead, reminiscent of the anointing of athletes for strength in ancient times.
  • In the Roman Catholic Church, the ordinary minister of the Sacrament of Confirmation is the bishop, the visible head of the local Church, who initiates each person into the whole community. For this reason, Confirmation is often separated from Baptism by a number of years though the two Sacraments are closely related.
  • In the Diocese of Arlington (and therefore at St. Mary’s), children are normally prepared for Confirmation during 8th Children receive preparation from our parish school, our Catechism or CCD sessions, or an alternative option such an approved home school program or a program offered at another Catholic school.
  • Catholic adults (those 18 and older) who are baptized but have never received the Sacrament of Confirmation should contact one of the priests at St. Mary Church for assistance.

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