Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church with well over three million active members in almost every country of the world. The main purpose of the Legion of Mary is to give glory to God through the sanctification of its members. It has been active in the United States since 1931 and was endorsed by the Second Vatican Council.

What does it do?
Members become instruments of the Holy Spirit through a balanced program of prayer and service. The Legion is, in essence, an extension of the heart and hands of the pastor.

Legionary service is based on the doctrine of the Mystical Body of Christ and draws inspiration from the True Devotion to Mary, as taught by St. Louis-Marie de Montfort. United in faith with Mary’s love for Jesus, legionaries aim to recognize and serve the person of our Lord in all those whom they meet. The Legion seeks to work in close union with the priest, to whom it looks to for formation and spiritual guidance and for whom it aspires to be an effective apostolic instrument.

How does it work?
Members meet once a week for prayer, planning, and discussion in a family setting. Then, working in pairs, they do two hours of definite work before the next meeting. Visitation of families, the sick and the lonely, and helping with other parish activities are ways in which legionaries participate in the life of the parish. Encouraging living the faith on a deeper level and sharing the faith with others are important elements of the Legion’s work.

The Legion meets Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Lyceum Conference Room, 313 Duke Street. The meetings last up to 90 minutes. For more information, feel free to call/text 571.310.4016 should you have any questions or email [email protected].

For information about the Legion of Mary and other Legion events in the Arlington Diocese, click on this link to the Arlington Regia. Click below to listen to the daily prayers that the Legion of Mary members and auxiliary members recite daily:

Click below to listen to a podcast featuring Adria Tayrani talking about the spiritual benefits and graces of belonging to the Legion:

Click here to learn more about the Pilgrim Virgin Statue.


Legion of Mary members with the new Pilgrim Virgin Statue.


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