12th Annual Seminarian Sprint

The annual Seminarian Sprint pits our school students versus our Diocesan seminarians in a race for vocations. This year, the race will take place on Thursday, May 31. Each class sponsors a seminarian and competes to see who can raise the most money. The visiting seminarians will help the classes during the races throughout the day.  The students enjoy the opportunity to talk with the seminarians during lunch and during the races. The first award goes to the student who raised the most amount of sponsorship money. The second aware goes to the class that brings in the most sponsorship money.

The funds raised will go to the Office of Vocations in the Diocese of Arlington. The money from this fundraiser supports the formation, education, and development of the future priests in our Diocese. As an example, Father Stephen Oetjen became one of the many recipients of these donations when ordained to the priesthood last year.

Photos from Last Year

A day in the life of an Arlington Diocesan Seminarian

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