The Legion of Mary Shares a New Pilgrim Virgin Statue for Basilica Families to Host in Their Homes

The members of the Basilica’s Legion of Mary

The Basilica’s Legion of Mary Apostolate recently bought a Pilgrim Virgin Statue, which they are making available for parish families to host in their homes for a week as a way to encourage prayer and devotion to the Blessed Mother and to bring the graces of Fatima, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children in 1917 at Fatima, Portugal.

The Legion of Mary merely escorts the statue in and out of people’s homes with a welcome and farewell ceremony. The only thing parishioners need to do is say a Rosary with Our Lady every day during her week-long visit. Anyone interested in hosting should email the Legion at [email protected]. The Legion meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the Lyceum Conference Room, 313 Duke Street. The meetings last up to 90 minutes. All are invited.

“The Pilgrim Virgin Statue with the Legion of Mary is a wonderful way of making present Mary’s desire to enter our lives and inspire us as she brings us to her Son,” said Father Joseph Townsend, a parochial vicar at the Basilica and the Legion’s spiritual director. “This statue’s beauty is a wonderful reminder to us of her beauty, and I hope that every family at Saint Mary’s gets to experience her presence in their lives.”

Adria Tayrani, the Legion’s president, shared how the new statue ended up at the Basilica.

“About a year ago, the Legion of Mary had the previous Pilgrim Virgin Statue outside the Basilica after the weekend Masses to get parishioners to sign up to host her,” she said. “I am not sure of the statue’s exact age, but I know she has been around since at least 2016. She has been well-loved by the parishioners of the Basilica. She was down to one dove from three doves; she was on her third crown, and easily her fifth Rosary. When Father Hathaway saw the state of Our Lady, he encouraged the Legion to find a new statue for the Basilica.”

During the summer, Father Joseph led a pilgrimage to Fatima. The Legion of Mary asked him to see if he could find a statue during his limited time in Fatima. Generously and graciously, Father Joseph did that and found the beautiful statue at a shop recommended by Frank Spicer, the leader of the Luminaries of Holy Mary, a Basilica Fatima prayer group, who was part of the pilgrimage.

On behalf of the Legion, Father Joseph bought the statue, which was shipped and received this week at the Basilica.

“The Pilgrim Virgin Statue is for ALL parishioners of the Basilica of Saint Mary,” Adria emphasized.

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