Parish Registration

Registration for Parishioners:

Registration forms can be found in the book rack in the back of the church and can be turned into the parish office either by putting them in the collection basket or by putting them through the mail slot of the parish office front door at 313 Duke Street. Registration forms can also be obtained at the parish office.

Registration for Non-Parishioners: 

On occasion a person who is a parishioner of another parish would like to register. In order to register, a non-parishioner must gain permission of his or her pastor as well as the pastor of the parish at which he or she is seeking to register (in this case St. Mary).  If this permission is granted, a non-parishioner will be registered on the books of St. Mary. This means contact information will be kept and envelopes for offertory will be sent.  However, registration at St. Mary will have no bearing upon membership (and canonical rights) in the non-parishioner’s actual parish, that is he or she remains a parishioner in the parish in which he or she lives and retains all the rights of a parishioner in that parish.

Parish Boundaries

To determine whether you live within the parish boundaries, please click the button below.

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