Monthly Social

Our monthly social will be held on Saturday, July 20 after the 5:00 pm Mass in the Basilica Courtyard. Free snacks, wine and other beverages will be served. This month’s social is sponsored by the Serra Club of the Diocese of Arlington.

Do you take a personal interest in prayerfully supporting the clergy and religious of our Church? Would you like to be a prayer warrior, supporting men and women in considering the possibility that God might be calling them to become future priests, brothers or sisters? Have you ever wondered how you could possibly assist the Church in fostering more vocations to the priesthood or consecrated life? If you answered yes to any of the above, the Serra Club of Arlington might be what you are looking for. Members of the Serra Club of Arlington that are parishioners here at the Basilica of Saint Mary will be at the social and can give you more information about the group if you are interested in joining.

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