Basilica of Saint Mary sponsors benefit for cloistered nuns in Linden

Approximately $100,000 was raised for a group of cloistered nuns at the Laetare Benefit on March 31 in Fairfax. The annual event supports the cloistered nuns of Saint Dominic’s Monastery in Linden.

The Basilica of Saint Mary helped sponsor the benefit. Parishioners Daniel and Mary Beth Riordan and Jim and Mary Carroll were on the host committee. Father Edward Hathaway, rector of the Basilica of Saint Mary, served on the honorary host committee.

The nuns have resided in Linden since the construction of their current monastery was completed in 2008. They live a simple and contelemplative monastic life, faithful to the magisterium of the Church and the traditions of the Order of Preachers.

“Their example and prayers are so important for the Church’s mission,” said Bishop Michael Burbidge, who attended the benefit and served as honorary chairman. “Their lives given entirely to prayer remind us that our true joy comes not from worldly success but from growing in intimacy with the Lord. Their constant prayers bring to the Church’s works the grace necessary to make them truly fruitful.”

The first benefit to support Saint Dominic’s Monastery was held in 2013, but the event was renamed “The Laetare Benefit” and permanently placed on the Fourth Sunday of Lent in 2015.

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