Help Father Hathaway feed the seminarians!

You may be aware that with the seminaries closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Basilica’s rectory is now housing four of our Arlington Seminarians for the next several weeks, possibly a month or two. What a blessing for our parish family as these future priests pray for you and study in our midst.

If you would like to help me feed them by providing one evening meal that could be dropped off before 5:00 pm at the rectory at 310 Duke Street (and we would reheat), I would be very grateful.

With four resident priests, we will need a dinner for eight men, preferably a healthy low carb entrée with vegetables, and a starch as a side. Please no dessert (until Easter!)

To sign up to cook one dinner, please click here.

May God bless and reward you,
Father Hathaway

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