Father James Waalkes to Perform in Concert at the Lyceum Auditorium on October 19, 2021

Father James Waalkes, a Parochial Vicar at Saint Anthony of Padua Parish in Falls Church, will play an American folk music-styled concert in honor of the North American martyred saints on October 19, 2021 from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Lyceum Auditorium (313 Duke Street). The event is the final one in the 2021 Fall Faith and Culture Series. Father James sings and plays guitar. He also sometimes plays the harmonica. He enjoys mostly modern folk and acoustic music. He previously served at the Basilica of Saint Mary as a transitional deacon.

The North American Martyrs were two priests and six lay brothers, all of whom were Jesuits. They included the following: Father Jean de Brébeuf,; Father Noël Chabanel; Father Antony Daniel; Father Charles Garnier; Oblate René Goupil; Father Isaac Jogues; Oblate John de Lalande; and Father Gabriel Lalemant. They were missionaries in the early-to-mid 17th century who were sent to remote areas of Canada and New York State, where they were murdered for preaching to the local Indians.

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To listen to Father James talk about music, faith and sing two songs, click on the podcast below:

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