Father Hathaway blesses items in school chapel

Father Edward Hathaway, Rector of the Basilica of Saint Mary, blessed the new stained glass windows, altar crucifix, candle sticks, chalice, and paten for the Saint John Neumann Chapel at the Basilica School of Saint Mary on June 10.

“We are grateful for gifts that made today’s blessing possible,” said Father Hathaway. “They have helped our students prayerfully ponder the supernatural mysteries of our faith that they encounter in this sacred space and during the Mass.”

Families that sponsored the items were present for the blessing.

“It was an opportunity, as a sign of our gratitude for this school, to contribute to the spirituality of Saint Mary’s,” said Stephen Biegun, who had four children graduate from the school.

The Biegun family sponsored the window depicting the Presentation of Jesus.

“It was great to see this chapel blessed this morning and to know that it is ready to welcome students across generations,” added Biegun.

Basilica School of Saint Mary Chapel Dedication

  • The Annunciation Window – The Scolese Family
  • The Visitation Window – The Schlapp Family
  • The Nativity of Our Lord Window – The Families, Students, Faculty and Staff of the Basilica School of Saint Mary
  • The Presentation Window – The Biegun Family
  • The Finding Jesus in the Temple Window – The Jones Family
  • Jesus the Son Window – The Snodgrass Family
  • The Holy Spirit Window – The Russi Family
  • Gold Chalice and Paten – The Safavian Family
  • Gold Altar Crucifix and Candle Sticks – The Class of 2016
  • The Saint John Neumann State – The Baughan Family

When we look at the representation of those who have followed Christ faithfully, we will be motivated to seek the city that is to come; that we will learn the way that will enable us most surely to attain complete union with Christ; that, as we struggle along with our earthly cares, we will be mindful of the saints, those friends and coheirs of Christ who are also our own brothers and sisters and our special benefactors; that we will remember how they love us, are near to us, intercede ceaselessly for us, and are joined to us in marvelous communion. Blessings of Objects for Use in Churches from The Roman Ritual Book of Blessings

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