Christmas Mass Schedule

We look forward to seeing you for our Christmas Masses this year! Please see our full schedule below. Scroll down the page to view directions to the church and school, as well as a handy map to our three parking locations.

Please note, since Christmas Eve does not begin until Sunday evening, the Sunday Mass Obligation must still be fulfilled. The 5:00pm Mass on Sunday does not fulfill the Sunday Mass Obligation since that Mass is the first Mass on Christmas Eve. Our regular Sunday Masses are at 5:00pm (Saturday Vigil), 7:00am, 8:30am, 9:00am (School Mass), 10:00am, 11:30am, and 1:00pm.

Why do I have to go to Mass twice?

When consecutive obligations occur on Saturday-Sunday or Sunday-Monday, the faithful must attend Mass twice to fulfill two separate obligations. The Church’s intention in extending the possibility of meeting Mass obligations through vigil Masses is not a loophole, and, hence, separate obligations remain in this case.

Situations arise, of course, in which fulfilling Mass obligations on consecutive days is either impractical or impossible for an individual or a family. The Church allows parish pastors to grant in individual cases a dispensation from the obligation by 1) observing a feast day 2) a day of penance or 3) granting a commutation of the obligation into other pious works for a just cause and subject to any regulations laid down by the Bishop (canon 1245; see canon 87 §1).

Christmas Eve, December 24

  • 5:00pm (church), Cantor and organ

  • 5:00pm (school), Piano accompaniment

  • 8:00pm, Marian Singers with instrumental soloists

  • 11:00pm (music begins at 10:30pm), String Orchestra and Schola Cantorum singing in Latin and English

Christmas Day, December 25

  • 8:30am, Cantor and organ

  • 10:00am, Cantor and organ

  • 11:30am, Cantor and organ

  • 1:00pm, Cantor and organ

No school or 5pm Mass on Christmas Day

Directions to the church

Directions to the school


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