Supporting our Brothers and Sisters in the Dominican Republic

The Banica and Pedro Santana Mission is a missionary partnership between the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia and the Diocese of San Juan de la Maguana, that serves over 13,500 poor communities in the rural area of the Dominican Republic on the border of Haiti.

In 1991 the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, entered into agreement with the Bishop of San Juan de la Maguana to adopt two parishes: the Parish of Banica and the Parish of Pedro Santana.

By adopting these two parishes, the Diocese of Arlington has been able to provide the 60 impoverished communities there with priests, volunteers, and generous material support.



In addition to providing for the spiritual needs of Bánica and Pedro Santana and the surrounding area, the Mission has also taken several service projects up through the years to meet the daily and educational needs of the parishioners. Some of these projects include:

  • The establishment of a K-8 parochial school
  • Adoration chapel built
  • St. Vincent de Paul society created
  • Chapels, pews and sanctuaries constructed
  • Faith-based reading program
  • Home building and restoration projects
  • Scholarships to help students attend universities and summer school
  • Scholarship for job training
  • Alternative Spring Breaks for students from nearby VA colleges such as Marymount University , Christendom College , and George Mason University

The Diocese of Arlington also gives funds to FUNDASEP (Foundation for the Development of Azua, San Juan, and Elias Piña) which helps bring improved sanitation and water, pharmacies and infrastructure to many parishioners in the area. FUNDASEP runs Radio Corazon, a station used by bishops to broadcast programs to the Dominican Republic.

How to get involved

In the Dominican Republic thirty percent of the population exists under the poverty line, with many communities dealing with a large-scale lack of sanitation systems, rampant disease and parasites, illiteracy, and alcohol abuse.

Due to this extreme poverty, the Arlington Dominican Mission is always in need of funds to help with her daily apostolate. Any donation made is greatly appreciated. The mission at Bánica is also funded by the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal.

To make a personal donation, please visit the Diocese of Arlington Missions Donation page by hitting the donate button below and please be sure to select “Bánica Mission” from the dropdown menu for the “Fund” field.

You can also mail a check to:

Diocese of Arlington Mission Office
905 Park Ave
Falls Church, VA 22046

Make sure to include Bánica in the memo line. All donations are tax-deductible.


For those interested in volunteering at the mission, applicants must meet and complete the following requirements:

  • Be interviewed and screened by the Diocese of Arlington
  • Take a short trip out to Bánica and Pedro Santana to experience the rigors of the lifestyle
  • Be interviewed by the pastor at Bánica and Pedro Santana.

For more information on volunteering, please visit the contact page at the Banica Mission website.

The Missions of Bánica and Pedro Santana also needs a great deal of spiritual support.

If you can make the firm weekly commitment, please register as a Bánica Mission Auxiliary by contacting us. As an auxiliary you will offer either a Rosary or your Holy Communion for the Mission every Monday throughout the year.

If cannot make this commitment, the Diocese asks that you simply remember to keep our Church family in the Dominican Republic in your prayers.

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